About Me


Endwell Michael is a young vision-minded author, Business man and kingdom preacher who is very passionate about impacting lives and inspiring change.

His main source of motivation and happiness comes through helping people fulfill their potential and reaching a greater height in life because growing up no one, not even his parents believed he will rise to become a person of great impact and the global asset he is today.

He inspires and motivates people by reminding them that if could move from a student who takes 23rd position out of 25th students, a student who could not read and write, a person that people always laugh at any time he speaks because of his voice to an author with over 15 books and a dynamic speaker and preacher of the gospel of the kingdom of God that they can do better.

Endwell Michael believes that if He can rise to the top, find and start unleashing his potential and travel in the right lane of life to achieve his dreams and empty himself to the world despite his background and past life that everyone can live his or her dreams regardless of background or circumstances.

With the right knowledge, guidance, support and the grace of God, He believes that everyone can achieve all they want in life

MISSION: I exist to impact the world through my services and dedication to the development of individuals who desire to learn and unleash their untapped potential to the glory of our creator

MOTIVATION: Never to return to the creator with any piece of all the gifts, talents etc. He deposited in me I want to empty myself to the world before I go

VALUES: Service, Innovation, Hard work, Love, Significance, Commitment, Discipline, Accountability

CONVICTION: I believe that impacting people and helping them understand their purpose and potential, cultivate their potential, unleash and maximize their potential etc. Will help make our families, communities, nations, and world a better place

“I Am Created, Born and Called to Impact the world with the word of God and other relevant knowledge God has placed in me”